Knoxville, TN

Meet the Director

Hi Welcome!

My name is Mena Dunn, Knoxville’s Catholic School House director! My husband Michael and I have two children, Brendan and Julianna. Our family converted to the Catholic Church in 2014, from being Southern Baptist.   Never would I have ever imagined we would be Catholic, or homeschooling. Now both aspects are such a critical part of who we are! Praise God.

Prior to being a stay at home mother, I worked as a Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator. What I enjoyed most was being with the children and helping them build up their self esteem.

Our family is so thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a Catholic classical approach to our  Knoxville homeschooled children. Our co op has grown into something only the Holy Spirit could manage, over the past two years. We are truly blessed and hope to add even more amazing families to our community.

I so look forward to meeting you and doing whatever I can to help your family on this journey!

God  bless,